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We are a full-service immigration law firm, providing service, advice and support throughout all stages of the immigration law process. Attorney Meza also represents foreign nationals in deportation and removal proceedings in immigration court.

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Because immigration processes are complex and stressful, our firm is sensitive to our clients' needs for understanding the procedures and timelines involved in achieving their goals, from the client's own perspective.

Wiht a fully bilingual staff, we also translate most original spanish language documents and liason with

certified translators versant in every world language as needed.


In cases where criminal services may be needed as an adjunct to immigration, we liason with expert counsel to prevent as many adverse immigration consequences as possible.





Our Team

Attorney Rosy Meza, a member of the prestigious American Immigration Lawyers Association, is committed to assisting her clients in their quest of achieving the American Dream. With over 15 years of experience in the field, immigration law is both her mission and her passion.

Because immigration law is a dynamic and ever- changing field, it provides challenges and opportunities for problem-solving in a dedicated and creative manner. Fully bilingual in Spanish and English, Attorney Meza is able to bridge the cultural gap often present among the foreign-born and is able to make the client an intrinsic part of the team.

In addition to devoting her time to the practice of immigration law, Attorney Meza also serves the community by her journalism efforts in Indiana's premier Spanish-language publication. She is also a regular participant in immigration law seminars with a view to educating the foreign-born community about immigration law topics and the latest immigration law developments.

Attorney Meza is a proud member of AILA, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the largest and oldest immigration law association in the United States. This organization is active in the ongoing national debate on immigration.

Our support staff is fully-bilingual in English and Spanish, and trained to be culturally-sensitive, which aids in the dual goal of advancing our client's best interests while making the process as comfortable and as easy to understand as possible.

June 12, 2018


The young immigrant community throughout the United States awaits with baited breath whether the Department of Justice will appeal the most recent lower court decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA. This program, started during the presidency of Barack Obama, gave hope and a work permit to over 700,000 qualifying young immigrants who had been brought in as children to the country. At present, only renewals of qualifying existing DACA applicants is permitted. The lower court decision would mandate the processing of new applications as well as renewals. It is recommended that those interested in applying for the first time under DACA keep abreast of the news and consult with their immigration attorney to ascertain whether or not and when new applications will be processed by USCIS.

This information is for informative and educational purposes only. For your particular case, please consult your immigration attorney.

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