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A Global Perspective

We are located in the Midwest from where we serve clients throughout the United States and the world. Because immigration law is basically federal administrative law, it is a complex, rewarding and dynamic area. It is our pleasure and privilege to serve our clients in the worthwhile pursuit of their immigration goals. Our clients are foreign nationals as well as their families and associates. We take great care in mixing both a scholarly and creative approach to the solution of their immigration law issues.

Attorney Rosy Meza is multilingual and​ is able to bridge the gap between the complexities of the American legal system and the cultural vantage point of the client. The successful attainment of lawful immigration status is a key goal of foreign nationals in the pursuit of the American Dream.


Our Founding Fathers created this nation based on the principles of freedom and equality, enshrined in the the Constitution of  the United States, our leading legal document. 


Our Founding Fathers were aware that we were a nation of immigrants from around the globe and created the architecture of the nation through a flexible yet profound legal system, which took into account that our country would be nourished from the periodic influx of international culture and talent. It is for this reason that the United States is a magnet for talent and innovation, and our firm celebrates our client's diversity, as each nation and culture has unique resources to further enrich our nation's growth in the arts, science, technology and every field of human endeavor.


At Meza Law Office, we celebrate the diversity of our clients.
Welcome to the United States!
Svaagat he!
Apanum svagaa che!
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