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Practice Areas

A dynamic, solutions-based approach is key in serving our Clients' needs.
                         We are a full-service immigration law firm, helping our clients achieve the American Dream.

Employment I- Law

Employment based immigration laws is often complex and generally requires an Employer in the United States and a willing foreign-born whose labor or/and talents are desirable and necessary to the Employer. Strict guidelines and regulations are in place to restrict the number of visas granted to foreign workers. Special rules apply to exceptionally gifted professionals . The end governmental goal is to attract foreign talent while not displacing able local workers.



Family Based I-Law


Family based immigration is perhaps the most widely-known basis for obtaining lawful immigration status in the United States. It requires a petitioner who is a US citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States with the requisite degree of kinship to the beneficiary, thought adoption, blood or marriage, depending on the case particulars. Typically, immigrant status is the goal of family- based immigration law. The governmental end goal is family reunification.



Citizenship and naturalization is one of the most rewarding areas of immigration law.  It entails what for most is the ultimate goal of the immigration process, becoming a citizen of the United States. Voting privileges is only one of the many advantages that US citizens have, as well as the right to remain the the country for life. Great care must be taken in cases where the Applicant has any criminal or moral character issues, as the consequences may go beyond the mere denial of the application.


Religious Workers

​Our immigration laws provide for special lawful immigration status for religious workers who are needed in the United States to minister to their faithful. Both non-immigrant (temporary) and immigrant (permanent) status may be available, depending on the particular needs and facts of the case. The end governmental goal is to honor and recognize the importance of Freedom of Religion as enshrined in our constitutional system of laws.​



Waivers are a species of pardons available under specific terms and conditions. They are generally required to waive a serious issue that would otherwise a foreign-born beneficiary or applicant from receiving the desired immigration benefit. Waivers are varied and useful and it is very important to properly utilize them when necessary. The end governmental goal is as a conduit to other purposes and they are basically instruments of compassion.

Removal Defense

​Attorney Rosy Meza defends clients at all stages of the client's Deportation or Removal proceedings.These are serious processes by which the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, seeks to have a foreign national removed from the United States due to non-lawful status or other transgressions. Specific remedies need to be presented to the Court when available, according to established standards of proof.

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